Core Healing with Emotion Code

It's just as effective over the phone or in person!


The Emotion Code

I’ve found tremendous success both personally and with people I work on in the Emotion Code. Things that were once troubling and reoccurring are now greatly reduced or completely gone. Here is an overview about what it does and what I enjoy about it.

What it can help with. Oh the list is endless! This is just a fraction of what we can work on together.

If you have unwanted patterns or tendencies that are mental, emotional, physical, or situational. Figure out what you want to focus on.

  • Physical pain or organ function issues – back, neck, digestion, headaches, etc

  • Anger, guilt, resentment

  • Anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness

  • Abandonment, heartache, vulnerability

  • Rejection, sadness, grief, stubbornness

  • Fear, conflict, unsupported

  • Longing, shame, worthless, overwhelm

  • Communication issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Sleeping problems

  • You feel stuck

  • Overthinking

  • Memories that trigger you or that you can’t stop thinking about

  • Bottom line is can be anything you want to focus on

What I love about the Emotion Code!

  • It’s gentle, non-invasive (you don’t have to go into history or traumatic events)

  • It can be done over the phone just as effectively

  • Allows you and your life to heal, move on, shift, and change without having to slog through deep felt issues for weeks, months, years

I love how it works with every person and animal no matter where you are at in life!

  • You may know the “problem” and have worked on it, but can’t seem to break it up

  • You may not know the “problem” but your mind has blocked it

  • You may not know the problem b/c in your self-reflection there is no solid lead

  • You may not be particularly self-reflective, but you know something is keeping you stuck

What is the Emotion Code?

It is based on the science that everything is made out of energy(atoms) so therefore emotions are too. Throughout life we may feel intense and appropriate emotions due to various situations. If they are too intense that the body can’t process them they become stuck within us. Sometimes we can even pick them up from things happening around us. These “trapped emotions” then effect our emotional and mental outlook on life, but it can also affect us physically. Sometimes if we have enough of a certain trapped emotion in our body it ends up effecting our personalities.

Trapped emotions can show up in various ways and magnify many things that maybe normally wouldn’t be such a bit deal. Maybe you tend towards anger, sadness, anxiety. Maybe you obsess over a certain issue or memory. Maybe it’s adding to the pain in your body.

Within clearing these trapped emotions we can also focus on clearing the heart wall. This is the concept that your heart protects itself from heartache and heartbreak. It does this by grabbing trapped emotions from around the body to build a wall. Initially this is a great idea for protection, but after time goes by it ends up not helping. Removing the heart wall allows for the more giving and receiving of love. It also helps in the manifestation of focuses and intention.

What you’ll want to prepare for in a session.

  • Figure out what you want to focus on, we can also discuss this to narrow something down

  • “Headaches” “Pain in my _______” “What’s making me feel ______?” “What’s keeping me awake at night?” “Better communication with _______” “Heart Wall”

  • Figure out where it is on a scale from 1 – 10, 10 being the most intense. We want to see a before and after

  • I’ll need your name and age

  • You give the call

  • Every session can have a different focus

What to expect in a session.

  • I will get the information you’ve prepared with

  • On my end I will be finding an emotion and age something happened via muscle testing

  • I might need a little more info about that time, but if you want to keep it private you don’t have to tell me. You can just think about it and I’ll muscle test.

  • A session can release about 6-8 trapped emotions and then your body needs to process

  • Processing is different for everyone usually, if at all, having 2 days of intensity. These effects can include; vivid dreams, shift in sleep needs, echoes of the emotions released, sensitivity, crying, and other things since everyone is different

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