Success Stories

“Lauren Sicher’s healing practice of Cranio-sacral and Emotion Code has been of great help to me in overcoming my physical and emotional challenges.  She shows an increadable sensitivity when healing. She never pushes to go beyond what I can cope with during a session, and she always does a follow up check in to see if I am still doing OK afterwards.  

            I would recommend Lauren to anyone challanged with issues that are not adaquately addressed by conventional medical practices.”

 - Sandy Britland


“Rocked My World Awesome! The Emotion Code healing modality is straightforward, precise and comfortable in every way. Lauren utilizes the technique with skill, depth of experience and a palpable, compassionate empathy. I noticed a shift in perception within days of my first session with Lauren. By the next week my career took a noticeable turn towards success. All I had to do was bring intention and willingness, and Lauren's Emotion Code work handled the rest. Five Stars!!!!!”

Jennifer Craig

Shamanic Healing Practitioner


“Healing within is like healing layers of hurt, pain, false beliefs and so on, that have been there for who knows how long.  Lauren is able to get to the crux of the matter within minutes and gently release problem. Her insight and intuition is quite accurate.  My experience with her use of emotion code has taken me to the depths of the issue(s), where she has been able to help me heal and release what has been holding me back in life.”

 - Emma Hanna    

"I'm amazed in one session our barn cat changed. She would run away from people when they were 20 feet away to actually approaching them on her own."

- Anonymous

“Lauren’s work with the Emotion Code and releasing trapped emotions was a great and helpful experience! During the process I felt a shift in my emotions and body pain, and ended the session and days to follow feeling much calmer with less pain! I recommend her work and look forward to more sessions!"

- Adele Fisher

“What an effective non-invasive way to understand our often complex and confusing personal histories. It has provided me with new perspectives on how hidden complexities have influenced so many of my life decisions.”

- Anonymous Therapist

“The emotion code sessions that I had with Lauren were amazing! She has the gift and skill of drawing out deep, harmful, negative emotion and freeing it from your body. You become aware of it, recognize it and then release it. 
After each session my body and spirit were more fluid, light, relaxed - my pain decreased. I encourage anyone seeking relief from chronic pain issues to open themselves up to alternative modalities like this!”
- Jess Armstrong

“After just one session with Lauren I noticed a shift - a lessening of emotion where it wasn’t as charged and thus didn’t have such a strong hold on me. I look forward to continuing to with Lauren to release trapped emotions".”

- April

“Wonderful experience again! I am a returning client and have had relief from many conditions (stress, cluster headaches, menopausal issues and release from past traumas. Also very positive and spiritual experience.”

 - Kara


“I was having a horrid crumbly anxious morning, but it led to getting THE MOST AMAZING HEALING from Lauren. She’s practicing “the emotion code” and all I could keep saying was Holy F***.I had the same overall experience as when I first started breathwork, lots of pent up shit breaking freeeeee, and energy just COURSING through me.
At the end I was laughing, felt newly open to bliss, solar plexus felt kinda active and bubbly like the surface of the sun. It feels like my day was freaking out SO THAT THIS could happen.
Holy f***
So powerful
And it was over the phone !?!
That night it kept working. Incredible heat in my body, intense dreams, and I woke up feeling like we had transmuted some big important stuff. 
Everyone needs to sign up with Lauren, stat. You owe it to yourself.” 

Becky Augustine

Life Coach and Founder of The Adventure League